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  • My story

    My story

    I started this site 4 years ago after living the last 40 years

    with Brain damage, its been very hard




    PLEASE HELP ME AND DONATE DISABLED FOR 40 Years with among other things Brain damage hearing loss spine damage.


    List of my disabilities I live with daily

    Spine damage in lower middle and neck

    Brain damage part of my cerebellem is dropping out of my skull towards my brain stem mm by mm a year

    Both my ears have ringing sounds daily for last 15 years
    causing my dizziness sickness off balance problems, coupled with painful earaches every time the weather pressure changes.

    Mind blowing headaches from pressure build ups daily with hardley No sleep this because my brains CSF fluid that travels around my body does not go around my brain like it should, so I get real bad and I mean real bad headaches 

    Cervical spondalosis of my neck

    Lack of feeling in my lower legs and tummy since accident 40 years ago

    Irregular Heart beats with varying blood pressure

    Blood sugar problems

    Very poor sight

    I have tried every single day of my life to beat the problems I have, I have worked on my computer almost every day trying to make a success of this site to give my wife and I an income, but no one ever took me up over the last 4 hard years on having an advert, so its just been killing me.

    Because of my accident we lost our mortgaged home

    I trained to be a chef in Cornwall at Redruth college, after college I continued to learn butchery, and bakery.

    I then went on to work in the World famous Lobster Pot Hotel in Mousehole, where I was lucky enough to prepare food for many a celebrity when working in the kitchen there.

    After gaining more experience in a few other restaurants I went on to become an executive Chef in several large establishments of which I catered for around 200 people.

    Sadly late one summers night in the seventies, I suffered an accident, and it put an end to my career, because I was not the same when I came out of hospital. I struggled to carry on cooking for another 8 years, but I could no longer carry on.

    I had sustained some brain damage, which later led to my writing career, and this very page, and you will find all my current books on Amazon here, just click on my picture below.........

    chef mike darracott book proper cornish childhood to be made into a movie

    But this never defeated me for a
    moment and I will carry on helping
    others where ever I can.

    I did not let my health problems stop me from living life to the full, and through my story found in the blog on this site, I hope to inspire people to not give in. 

    Who are the disabled people who have the most significant impact on the way we live today?

    Well over a year after Disability News Service began the process of finding the UK’s most influential disabled people, we are finally ready to publish those 100 names.
    And I am so

    Proud to be chosen and in the top 100 influential disabled people for media in the UK


    These days I write a recipe column for the Magazine Sorted, and a recipe column for the magazine The Good News newspaper. I am proud to now say that my recipes are read by over 1.3 million people a Year, so if any of you wish to advertise your business on my blog, please contact me using the email address below or click on the link above

    I hope that through my books, and magazine columns and this website, to help people worse off than me, and inspire them to continue to flourish and enjoy every moment of their life, and to not give up, just keep on thinking positive thoughts, and you will get through anything. Finally were all human, I'm also disabled, so please inform me of any typo's I may have made in any of the recipes.

    I recently taught trainee cooks at a training kitchen at Hadleigh Farm training centre Essex. It was an amazing day, I was so glad to be able to have helped students who face many types of barriers to learning.

    I would recommend to anyone to visit the centre, they have a rare breeds farm there that you get to look around and many other interesting things to do, oh yes, and I have heard the food in the tea rooms is excellent, so please support the cause and go along to the farm.

    My Book To Film Proper Cornish Childhood

    My Book Proper Cornish Childhood is being made into a book to screen, and at the moment were going through the initial stages, with the first one being turning my book into a screenplay.

    I am so excited because I am a Cornish born author and love my birth place, there can be no other place on this Earth better to live or to have grown up in than Cornwall for me, and I am so proud that my book is going to be a film.

    The synopsis of my film is below, I thank you for reading this, I hope to put Cornwall even more on the map than it already is.
    You can also see this book on Amazon now by clicking the text below.......................

    Proper Cornish Childhood The picturesque fishing village of Mousehole and its surroundings during the 1960s and 1970s are brought to life in this personal memoir of a Cornish childhood. Born in Newlyn, Michael spent his early years living at Trereife Lodge and later became a chef at the renowned Lobster Pot hotel.

    The book is full of details of everyday life as seen through the eyes of a child. These include learning to cook with his mother in the family kitchen, family Christmas celebrations and the annual turning on of Mousehole lights.

    For those of us old enough to remember, the change from the old money to decimal currency was a big event, and this is covered in the book, one of many reminders of the '70s. The Torrey Canyon disaster and its devastating effect on Cornwall's coastline and wildlife are given considerable coverage.

    As anyone who remembers that era can testify, the beaches and harbours on both the north and south coasts were covered in thick lumps of oil for many years. The author, as a boy of 10, watched the tanker on the Seven Stones reef being bombed to set fire to the remaining oil.

    There are many interesting insights and observations relating to West Penwith, and there is nostalgia for those of us who remember how things were and how things have changed.

    I hope you have time to take a look at the book

    Many thanks Michael J Darracott

    My Book Proper Cornish Childhood will be made into a film  
  • Update about Chef Mike Darracott

    Well hello guys, and thanks for supporting me the last 4 years by being a visitor to my free recipe site, hope to have you for a long time to come.

    You may or may not know that I suffer from quite a few disabilities’, I suffer with brain damage since the early 70s, and also have blood pressure, blood sugar problems, now coupled with Meniere's disease a disease of unknown cause affecting the membranous labyrinth of the ear, causing progressive deafness and attacks of tinnitus and vertigo. I also suffer with and spondylosis of the neck and spine damage.

    Life has been quite a struggle as you can imagine for me, but I won’t let it get me down or stop me from my goal of looking after myself by using this site to both sell my recipe book, and to advertise business.

    Furthermore, I have now got over 500,000 visitors a year viewing my free recipe site, I put this down to the fact that I have worked very hard to develop the site for people to get a free recipe a day, and to use some of the other cooking calculators for free also.

    Many of the visitors come from two magazines that I have my own recipe columns in, one is called the Good news Newspaper, and the other is Sorted magazine, together these magazines deliver over a million readers to my recipe columns.

    So if you’re a food related business, then this site would be a real good place to advertise your business on my blog, for just £75 one off payment.

    I like everyone am finding it hard to make a living, I have written several books, of which two are Proper Cornish Childhood all about myself growing up in sixties Cornwall, and my first recipe book called Cook Like Mum, which is filled with 85 of my recipes, both books are to be found on Amazon just search using my name Michael Darracott or by book title, they are both kindle and paperback.

    I will continue you to grow the site, with more free food related stuff, more free recipes, more top tips for the kitchen, and will hope to make a living from affiliate advertising, so please keep a look out for what I feel are very good product links on my site.

    That’s it for now, I thank each and every one of your for your continuing support.
    Best wishes and regards   Chef Michael Darracott

    chef michael john darracott
  • Support Chef Mike Darracott please buy his book

    Please support Chef mike Darracott who lives off his book and suffers with 37 years of brain damage by buying his book A life on prescription from Amazon, the book tells of what happened to him, and about his career being a chef before the accident and preparing food for celebs ...................... please consider supporting him by buying his book today click on link

  • Being disabled

                                          Being disabled

    Being disabled with spine and brain damage from an accident 37 years ago, I really respect the work that people are doing at Hadleigh farm training centre in Essex, which is run by the Salvation Army.

    It’s so difficult even if your able bodied, but if your disabled it can be much harder for a person to get a job or other things we may all take for granted, I know I have had the same kind of problems in my life.

    These types of places are so very important to so many, and I for one even though I myself am disabled, try to inspire and help and to encourage fellow disabled people to reach for the stars.

    I recently had the pleasure of teaching trainee cooks at the training kitchens at Hadleigh Farm training centre Essex.

    It was an amazing day, I was so glad to be able to have helped students who face many types of barriers to learning. Furthermore all the staff at the centre were really top caring people, and I thank them for all the work they do at the training centre.

    So I would recommend to anyone to visit the centre, they have a rare breeds farm there that you get to look around and many other interesting things to do, oh yes, and I have heard the food on the tea rooms is excellent, so please support the cause and go along to the farm.

    Down below are pictures from my day at the training centre, please support them in any way you can. Click on any photo to visit the training centre...............


    Chef Mike Darracott


  • Michael J Darracotts Life On Precsription on Kindle

    Chef Mike Darracotts life story in his book

    Life On Prescription

    Explore my tragic journey, starting at the death of my father as a boy of just fifteen, and the end of my catering career at the age of just twenty, due to a car crash.

    And my horror, of discovering a hidden brain injury that was a result of the car crash, that lay hidden for over 23 years that had by then forced me to endure a life on prescription.

    The brain injury that I sustained caused the disorder Arnold-Chiari malformation, and I had no idea that I was even suffering from it.

    Please click on my book below that will
    take you to Amazon to buy a copy
    of my book on Kindle.

    chef mike darracotts book life On Prescription


  • Life on prescription my 37 years of life with brain damage

    My 37 years of life with brain damage

    My published book I live off any proceeds Life On Prescription about my 37 years living with brain damage on sale here please support me i write to live and need to sell my book just click link

    life on prescription living with brain damage mike darracott
  • Chef Mike Darracott My life story

    My story Chef Mike Darracott

    Hello from the Cornish born author Michael J Darracott

    I was an Executive chef for large kitchens I write recipe columns for the war cry & Sorted Magazine and am a disabled motivational speaker who works hard at helping the disabled and disadvantaged through my work.

    I was born on the 15th April 1956, West Cornwall Hospital Penzance Cornwall England . On leaving school and qualifying as a chef, I landed a job as a chef in the World renowned Lobster Pot Hotel.

     It was here in the early seventies that I cooked for David Bowie, Dame Judy Dench, John Wayne, members from the pop group The Kinks, I sat and ate cake I made with Justin Hayward of the moody blues, and a whole host of other celebrities , and rich and famous. But disaster struck my life, at the age of just 20, ( I am now 58 ) when out as a passenger in his car, another car hit ours doing 95 mph.

    The impact broke my seat belt and catapulted me through the windscreen, next the car that hit us bulldozed the car I had been thrown from right on top of my body. I was trapped, pinned to the ground with the car across my chest, and my right leg was twisted around the back axle of the car. I was trapped for over an hour and should have died, but god was by my side that night watching over me, and answered my prayer, I was rushed to hospital. I was in hospital for over 3 months, my career was over.

    When I came out of hospital in 1976, because back then they did not have a MRI scanner, it was missed that my head had sustained a bad hit during the crash. So for over 20 years I suffered with medical problems, until it was found in 1996 that I had suffered brain damage, and that damage to my brain is known as ACM Arnold Chiari malformation.

    Basically the impact of the crash and having a whole car across my head neck and chest caused part of the back of my brain to start to drop slowly from its normal position bit by bit, so I now have a small proportion of my cerebellum dropping out of my skull in a downward track towards my brain stem, if it reaches my brain stem I’m dead, so for last 37 years now I have had to be careful not to get another jolt to my head.

    On a daily basis since 1976 to now I have had to live knowing that was going on in my head, it took me years to live with this knowledge, I had to train my mind to shut out the fact that I could die at any time, it was and still is considered far too dangerous for me to have a brain operation in my case, was told I have a 80% chance of death during operation so I take each day as they come.

    I feel after all I have been through that I must have been allowed to live all these years to make a difference, so I long to walk out in front of large groups of people anywhere in the world, tell my full story, and show them that you can make it through anything, I am a speaker, and am available if any event organizers want to book me, just contact me, I wish to empower people through what happened with my life

    Although I look ok the crash had left me with this a rare brain condition, one I live with to this day. I look fine but have an array of health problems that are hidden but affect my day to day life since the accident so so long ago. After the accident I could no longer be a chef, so all my training and studies were no longer any good.

    During this period from 20 years old up to now, my wife and I lost our home we had brought, had very bad money problems, now live in rented accommodation, all because of one accident my life changed, been looking for a break ever since, at the moment because I now write a recipe column for two UK magazines.

    Furthermore soon will be in the War Cry across America from September 2014 my recipes are read by over two million people a month, but looking to be a speaker at events around the world to spread my message of hope and support and above all motivate as many as I can.

    I struggled with many jobs, but finally decided to become an author, and against all the odds I managed to get my book Proper Cornish Childhood published. The book is about my growing up in Cornwall in the sixties, it tells of the dramatic event that I witnessed, which was the World’s first ecological maritime disaster. I watched from a Cornish cliff top as the 1000 foot long Torrey Canyon oil tanker went aground on a reef just off Lands’ End.

    My 2nd book is about me and my struggle with my brain damage that book is called

    Life on prescription

    And my 1st recipe book is call cook like mum


    All my books are on Amazon just click the link below

  • Disabled but still trying to make a difference

    I am very proud to say that I have reached 174th position on the disability News services List

    This list was made to .................................

    highlight some of the many disabled people who make a difference in modern Britain.

    and I am very proud that I have been regognised to have contributed through my recipe blogs and website.

    Its not easy being disabled, in my own case I was a passenger in a car that crashed, it caused me life long brain damage its been a life long struggle to earn a living, or to even hold a job down suffering with pain, dizziness, sickness, and ringing sounds in both ears every day non - stop, and a whole host of other medical problems.

    You can do it though, with a little help from others, and I try so hard to inspire anyone out there with the same problems to get over, they need not be an hurdle, only you can jump that hurdle, its tough, its not fair, its all of those things, I have lost count of the times i have cried myself to sleep because of the despair of my medical problems.

    I write recipes for A major charity which is the Salvation army, The War Cry, and through my recipes, the magazine thats sold helps people worse off than myself, Its great to feel like you help others, it takes your mind off your own problems, we all need to help our fellow human beings, even if were able bodied or disabled like me, I never chose this path, no one would !! but where I end up with this, was up to me.

    Its so hard in these times of cutbacks, the disabled have been like many other groups, had to endure cutbacks in funding, my heart gos out to all, its so hard being so unwell, but having, like able bodied people do, to still cope with the cost of modern day living, I live it every day, these last 33 years have been really so very hard for me and my family.

    I will always try through any means that I can, to highlight the problems disabled people have, and to encourage and inspire them onto better things, and not to give up, I urged able bodied people to reach out in any way they can and help the disabled, and to try to put yourselves in a disabled persons shoes so to speak, understanding, compassion dont cost anything, but does so much more than just money.

    reach out today, and make a better life for some disabled person.

    Chef Mike Darracott a disabled non working chef still making recipes in my own kitchen to help others.

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